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This article is about Modding – changing the original game.
Please note that modding is not maintained by Nine Dots Studio.

Welcome to the Outward Modding Mini-Wiki. This section of the wiki is a resource for all things mod-related for Outward.


A mod is a community-made package which modifies or adds to Outward's code or assets in some way.

Outward uses the Unity engine (2020.3.26 for Definitive Edition, 2018.4.8 for Vanilla), and can therefore be modded with any compatible mod-loader such as BepInEx, or other Unity modding tools.

Modding Community

Installing Mods

To find mods, or instructions on how to install them, see this article:

Mod Development

This article is a place to start for those who wish to get into developing their own mods.