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There are four major factions in the game Outward, which hold control over the playable regions of Aurai. Players can choose to join one of them to climb its ranks and experience its unique story-lines.

Major Factions

Each major faction has four major quests and a parallel quest, which explore different sides of the same series of events. Once you join a faction, your decision is permanent and you will need to start another character if you wish to experience the other factions.

Minor Factions

There are many smaller groups and tribes in Outward, whose allegiance to factions may vary depending on your choices in the game. Some of these groups may also be independent and support no major faction.

Other Groups

Other groups, which currently do not have an associated banner, include:

Faction-Exclusive Rewards

Each faction has certain rewards such as Items and Skills which are exclusive to that faction. However, it is possible to acquire items from other factions by passing them down with Legacy Chests, or trading them via split-screen.

For a list of faction-exclusive rewards, see the associated pages:

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