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Outward 2 is an open-world fantasy RPG video game being developed by Canadian studio Nine Dots Studio, it is the sucessor to Outward.


You are only human, and the life of an adventurer is perilous. It’s not just creatures and brigands that threatens you. Hunger, illness and the elements are all part of your journey into the vast regions of Aurai. But with sufficient preparation, even ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Your victories will be earned, not handed to you.


  • A harsh difficulty that rewards preparation and ingenuity.
  • High replay value with multiple branching storylines.
  • Constant auto-saving means that you can’t go back on your choices and failures.
  • Dynamic defeat scenarios to keep you on your toes.
  • Simple but rich crafting system.
  • Loads of content to explore across areas, equipment, combat skills and spells.
  • A responsive and flexible combat system.
  • Multi-step ritualistic magic with plenty of hidden effects.
  • Play solo or cooperatively, online or in split screen.