Hallowed Marsh

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Hallowed Marsh
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Hallowed Marsh is a Region in Outward, which houses the city of Monsoon, home of the Holy Mission. It is a harsh, toxic environment strongly associated with the Decay element. Common enemies in this region include various Marsh Bandits, Reptilian Wildlife, and Golems.


Toxic swamp lit by flowers and fireflies, dotted with dinosaurs nests and glowing undead.

The Hallowed Marsh is a swampy, toxic region, filled with various Reptilian wildlife, Golems, and unique flora. The region is strongly associated with Decay Decay, and with the exception of the Light Mender's creations (Golden Minion / Specter), mostly all of the enemies in the Marsh are resistant to the element.


Hallowed Marsh connects to Chersonese to the south-west, and Enmerkar Forest to the south-east.


The following is a list of locations which can be accessed from Hallowed Marsh outdoors.

Major Locations

Minor Locations

Minor locations are part of Marsh Misc. Dungeons, and will show this name on loading screens.


Daytime: +/- 0 (Neutral). Nighttime: -15 Cold (Fresh). Hallowed Marsh does not have dynamic seasons.

It can Rain periodically in the Marsh.

Pilgrim Road

The Pilgrim Road stretches all the way from Monsoon to Chersonese. It is marked with Sun Pillars, which guide travelers through the toxic Marsh to and from Monsoon.


The following NPCs can be found in Hallowed Marsh exterior:


The following enemies can be found in Hallowed Marsh exterior:



Ambush Scenarios

Chance Enemies
24.99% 3x Bandit
33.33% 1x Phytosaur
33.33% 1x Ice Witch
8.34% 1x Immaculate


The following loot can be found in Hallowed Marsh exterior:

Loot Containers:




Mana Stone Spire

Located in the center of the marsh directly south of the Reptilian Lair and east of the Ancient Ruins, the Mana Stone Spire is visible from afar jutting out of the marsh.

Notably, 4 Mana Stone veins, 8x Dreamer's Root (Gatherable) and 6 Palladium veins may be mined here. North-west of the Mana Stone Spire, players can find 1 of the 3 Alpha Tuanosaurs in the Marsh, the other 2 being just outside and inside the Reptilian Lair.

Mushroom Patches

At several locations in the Marsh, the player may find large red and white mushrooms, signalling a cluster of mushroom colonies. Here they will find several (3+) Blood Mushrooms and Star Mushrooms.

Some of these locations include:

Defeat Scenarios

ScenarioTime ProgressionRespawn Locations
Awaken at Vigil Pylon6-12 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh or Enmerkar Forest
Awaken to armor being stolen6-8 hoursHallowed Marsh
Awaken to food being stolen4-6 hoursHallowed Marsh
Dragged off by Stekosaurs3-6 hoursSteakosaur's Burrow or Reptilian Lair
Dragged off by Tuanosaurs3-6 hoursReptilian Lair
Nursed to health at the Monsoon house9-13 daysMonsoon
Nursed to health at the Monsoon Inn9-13 daysMonsoon
Passed out cold4-12 hourssame location as defeat, or exterior region
Rescued by Holy Mission warrior49-95 hoursMonsoon
Robbed by Marsh Bandits23-73 hoursHallowed Marsh
Saved by Ancestral Ghosts25-47 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh, Abrassar or Enmerkar Forest
Saved by Elatt8-12 hoursHallowed Marsh
Saved by Friendly Immaculate8-12 hoursImmaculate's Camp
Saved by Gep23-73 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh, Abrassar, Enmerkar Forest, Antique Plateau or Caldera
Saved by Silver-Nose23-73 hoursHallowed Marsh


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