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The following is a list of items in The Soroboreans The Soroboreans DLC.


IconNameDamageImpact.pngImpact.png ResistReachStaminaSpeedDurabilityWeightEffects
Brutal Knuckles.pngBrutal Knuckles The Soroboreans25 Physical
19 Impact.png0.6932.5 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed2755.0Confusion
Cage Pistol.pngCage Pistol The Soroboreans90 Physical
75 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2501.0Weaken
Cloth Knuckles.pngCloth Knuckles The Soroboreans12 Physical
Impact.png0.693Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2500.5
Enchanting Table Shield.pngEnchanting Table Shield The Soroboreans15 Physical
34 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed505.0Sapped
Fang Knuckles.pngFang Knuckles The Soroboreans20 Physical
13 Impact.png0.6932.3 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed1751.0Bleeding
Galvanic Axe.pngGalvanic Axe The Soroboreans34 Physical
26 Impact.png0.9095.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2754.0Pain
Galvanic Bow.pngGalvanic Bow The Soroboreans37 Physical
20 Impact.png3.105 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0Pain
Galvanic Chakram.pngGalvanic Chakram The Soroboreans35 Physical
41 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3501.0Pain
Galvanic Dagger.pngGalvanic Dagger The Soroboreans33 Physical
41 Impact.png0.61365941.0 Attack Speed2001.0Pain
Galvanic Fists.pngGalvanic Fists The Soroboreans30 Physical
18 Impact.png0.6932.7 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3503.0Pain
Galvanic Greataxe.pngGalvanic Greataxe The Soroboreans47 Physical
41 Impact.png1.4720037.425 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Pain
Galvanic Greatmace.pngGalvanic Greatmace The Soroboreans49 Physical
51 Impact.png1.6130037.425 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3757.0Pain
Galvanic Halberd.pngGalvanic Halberd The Soroboreans39 Physical
44 Impact.png2.2080026.75 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Pain
Galvanic Mace.pngGalvanic Mace The Soroboreans39 Physical
41 Impact.png0.8325.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3505.0Pain
Galvanic Pistol.pngGalvanic Pistol The Soroboreans81 Physical
65 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2001.0Pain
Galvanic Shield.pngGalvanic Shield The Soroboreans38 Physical
56 Impact.png18% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2755.0Pain
Galvanic Spear.pngGalvanic Spear The Soroboreans42 Physical
28 Impact.png2.6350025.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2505.0Pain
Gold-Lich Knuckles.pngGold-Lich Knuckles The Soroboreans20.8 Physical
11.2 Lightning
16 Impact.png0.6932.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3753.5Doomed
Golden Iron Knuckles.pngGolden Iron Knuckles The Soroboreans23 Physical
18 Impact.png0.6932.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed5002.0
Golden Junk Claymore.pngGolden Junk Claymore The Soroboreans37 Physical
33 Impact.png1.6637.7 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4008.0
Horror Chakram.pngHorror Chakram The Soroboreans34.5 Physical
11.5 Decay
45 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3751.0Extreme Poison
Horror Fists.pngHorror Fists The Soroboreans30 Physical
10 Decay
17 Impact.png0.6932.8 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3003.0Extreme Poison
Horror Greataxe.pngHorror Greataxe The Soroboreans40.5 Physical
13.5 Decay
43 Impact.png1.4720037.7 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3006.0Extreme Poison
Horror Greatmace.pngHorror Greatmace The Soroboreans37.5 Physical
12.5 Decay
56 Impact.png1.6130037.7 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3507.0Extreme Poison
Horror Greatsword.pngHorror Greatsword The Soroboreans39 Physical
13 Decay
47 Impact.png1.7437.7 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2756.0Extreme Poison
Horror Halberd.pngHorror Halberd The Soroboreans34.5 Physical
11.5 Decay
49 Impact.png2.208002Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3006.0Extreme Poison
Horror Mace.pngHorror Mace The Soroboreans36 Physical
12 Decay
45 Impact.png0.8325.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3255.0Extreme Poison
Horror Pistol.pngHorror Pistol The Soroboreans60 Physical
25 Decay
45 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1751.0Extreme Poison
Horror Spear.pngHorror Spear The Soroboreans39 Physical
13 Decay
31 Impact.png2.6070025.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2255.0Extreme Poison
Horror Sword.pngHorror Sword The Soroboreans29.25 Physical
9.75 Decay
27 Impact.png1.1014.9 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2004.0Extreme Poison
Iron Knuckles.pngIron Knuckles The Soroboreans17 Physical
11 Impact.png0.6932.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0
Junk Claymore.pngJunk Claymore The Soroboreans17 Physical
19 Impact.png1.6637.7 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed2505.0
Kazite Blade.pngKazite Blade The Soroboreans26 Physical
22 Impact.png0.971Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2254.0Weaken
Kazite Bow.pngKazite Bow The Soroboreans33 Physical
18 Impact.png2.56 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0Weaken
Kazite Cestus.pngKazite Cestus The Soroboreans23 Physical
14 Impact.png0.6932.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2753.0Weaken
Kazite Cleaver.pngKazite Cleaver The Soroboreans23 Physical
21 Impact.png0.8454.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2754.0Weaken
Kazite Greatblade.pngKazite Greatblade The Soroboreans36 Physical
30 Impact.png1.2726.3 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3006.0Weaken
Kazite Greatcleaver.pngKazite Greatcleaver The Soroboreans31 Physical
30 Impact.png1.4720036.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Weaken
Kazite Greathammer.pngKazite Greathammer The Soroboreans33 Physical
36 Impact.png1.6130036.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3757.0Weaken
Kazite Hammer.pngKazite Hammer The Soroboreans26 Physical
34 Impact.png0.8324.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3505.0Weaken
Kazite Lance.pngKazite Lance The Soroboreans35 Physical
19 Impact.png2.4992024.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2505.0Weaken
Kazite Partizan.pngKazite Partizan The Soroboreans31 Physical
31 Impact.png2.0770025.8 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Weaken
Kazite Pistol.pngKazite Pistol The Soroboreans62 Physical
53 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2001.0Weaken
Kazite Scutum.pngKazite Scutum The Soroboreans23 Physical
43 Impact.png14% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1755.0Weaken
Marble Fists.pngMarble Fists The Soroboreans33 Physical
20 Impact.png0.6932.6 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed3255.0Confusion
Palladium Knuckles.pngPalladium Knuckles The Soroboreans21 Physical
17 Impact.png0.6932.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4505.0Elemental Vulnerability
Porcelain Fists.pngPorcelain Fists The Soroboreans36 Physical
20 Impact.png0.6932.8 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed5003.0Sapped
Savage Fang Knuckles.pngSavage Fang Knuckles The Soroboreans26 Physical
15 Impact.png0.6932.5 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed2751.0Bleeding
Troglodyte Halberd.pngTroglodyte Halberd The Soroboreans17 Physical
14 Impact.png2.800002Stamina1.0 Attack Speed1506.0
Tsar Bow.pngTsar Bow The Soroboreans50 Physical
30 Impact.png3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed7.0
Tsar Chakram.pngTsar Chakram The Soroboreans60 Physical
48 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1.0
Tsar Fists.pngTsar Fists The Soroboreans54 Physical
26 Impact.png0.6933.08 Stamina0.8 Attack Speed5.0
Vampiric Axe.pngVampiric Axe The Soroboreans41 Physical
24 Impact.png0.8585.2 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed2754.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Bow.pngVampiric Bow The Soroboreans48 Physical
18 Impact.png2.99 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Dagger.pngVampiric Dagger The Soroboreans40 Physical
38 Impact.png0.61365941.0 Attack Speed2001.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Greataxe.pngVampiric Greataxe The Soroboreans52 Physical
36 Impact.png1.4720037.15 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed3506.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Greatmace.pngVampiric Greatmace The Soroboreans48 Physical
45 Impact.png1.6130037.15 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed4007.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Greatsword.pngVampiric Greatsword The Soroboreans50 Physical
39 Impact.png1.7437.15 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed3006.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Halberd.pngVampiric Halberd The Soroboreans44 Physical
41 Impact.png2.1450026.5 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed3256.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Knuckles.pngVampiric Knuckles The Soroboreans34 Physical
18 Impact.png0.6932.6 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed2253.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Mace.pngVampiric Mace The Soroboreans46 Physical
38 Impact.png0.7345.2 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed3505.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Spear.pngVampiric Spear The Soroboreans50 Physical
26 Impact.png2.6990025.2 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed2505.0Leeches health on hit
Vampiric Sword.pngVampiric Sword The Soroboreans40 Physical
23 Impact.png1.0454.55 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed2254.0Leeches health on hit
Virgin Axe.pngVirgin Axe The Soroboreans33 Physical
24 Impact.png0.94500015.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2753.0
Virgin Greataxe.pngVirgin Greataxe The Soroboreans38 Physical
34 Impact.png1.4720037.15 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3505.0
Virgin Greatmace.pngVirgin Greatmace The Soroboreans35 Physical
47 Impact.png1.6130037.15 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4006.0
Virgin Greatsword.pngVirgin Greatsword The Soroboreans37 Physical
37 Impact.png1.7437.15 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3005.0
Virgin Halberd.pngVirgin Halberd The Soroboreans34 Physical
40 Impact.png2.2080026.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3255.0
Virgin Knuckles.pngVirgin Knuckles The Soroboreans27 Physical
17 Impact.png0.6932.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3003.0
Virgin Mace.pngVirgin Mace The Soroboreans34 Physical
36 Impact.png0.8325.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3504.0
Virgin Spear.pngVirgin Spear The Soroboreans37 Physical
24 Impact.png2.4992025.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2504.0
Virgin Sword.pngVirgin Sword The Soroboreans31 Physical
23 Impact.png1.1014.55 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2253.0
Wolf Axe.pngWolf Axe The Soroboreans37 Physical
20 Impact.png0.8585.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3505.0Crippled
Wolf Bow.pngWolf Bow The Soroboreans39 Physical
16 Impact.png2.99 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3254.0Crippled
Wolf Chakram.pngWolf Chakram The Soroboreans39 Physical
33 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3752.0Crippled
Wolf Dagger.pngWolf Dagger The Soroboreans35 Physical
33 Impact.png0.61365941.0 Attack Speed2752.0Crippled
Wolf Greataxe.pngWolf Greataxe The Soroboreans43 Physical
31 Impact.png1.5090037.15 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4007.0Crippled
Wolf Halberd.pngWolf Halberd The Soroboreans38 Physical
36 Impact.png2.0860026.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4007.0Crippled
Wolf Knuckles.pngWolf Knuckles The Soroboreans33 Physical
14 Impact.png0.6932.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3753.0Crippled
Wolf Mace.pngWolf Mace The Soroboreans40 Physical
33 Impact.png0.9795.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4256.0Crippled
Wolf Pistol.pngWolf Pistol The Soroboreans87 Physical
53 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2752.0Crippled
Wolf Spear.pngWolf Spear The Soroboreans44 Physical
19 Impact.png2.4992025.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Crippled


IconNameResistancesImpact.pngProtectionDamage Bonus%HotWeather.pngCold WeatherStamina CostMana CostCorruptionCooldownMovementDurabilityWeightEffects
Antique Plate Boots.pngAntique Plate Boots The Soroboreans8% Physical
6% Impact.pngProtection5% Ethereal
10% Fire
Cold Weather1954.0
Antique Plate Garb.pngAntique Plate Garb The Soroboreans15% Physical
8% Impact.pngProtection10% Ethereal
15% Fire
15 Cold Weather1958.0
Antique Plate Sallet.pngAntique Plate Sallet The Soroboreans8% Physical
6% Impact.pngProtection5% Ethereal
10% Fire
10 Cold Weather-10% Mana Cost1953.0
Caged Armor Boots.pngCaged Armor Boots The Soroboreans20% Physical
5% Ethereal
5% Decay
13% Impact.pngProtection5% Stamina Cost10% Movement42512.0
Caged Armor Chestplate.pngCaged Armor Chestplate The Soroboreans28% Physical
10% Ethereal
10% Decay
23% Impact.pngProtection8% Stamina Cost5% Movement42518.0
Caged Armor Helm.pngCaged Armor Helm The Soroboreans20% Physical
5% Ethereal
5% Decay
13% Impact.pngProtection5% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost5% Movement4258.0
Horror Armor.pngHorror Armor The Soroboreans28% Physical
-5% Lightning
23% Impact.pngProtection20% Decay
6% Stamina Cost-5% Corruption-6% Movement42518.0
Horror Greaves.pngHorror Greaves The Soroboreans20% Physical
-5% Lightning
13% Impact.pngProtection10% Decay
4% Stamina Cost-5% Corruption-4% Movement42512.0
Horror Helm.pngHorror Helm The Soroboreans20% Physical
-5% Lightning
13% Impact.pngProtection10% Decay
4% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-5% Corruption-4% Movement4258.0
Kazite Light Armor.pngKazite Light Armor The Soroboreans16% Physical
12% Impact.png10 Cold Weather4% Cooldown2406.0
Kazite Light Boots.pngKazite Light Boots The Soroboreans10% Physical
8% Impact.png3% Cooldown2404.0
Kazite Light Helmet.pngKazite Light Helmet The Soroboreans10% Physical
8% Impact.png15% Mana Cost3% Cooldown2403.0
Light Kazite Shirt.pngLight Kazite Shirt The Soroboreans16% Physical
12% Impact.png10 HotWeather.png4% Cooldown2406.0
Rust Lich Armor.pngRust Lich Armor The Soroboreans22% Physical
16% Impact.pngProtection-30% Physical
25% Decay
25% Fire
3% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost-3% Movement34012.0
Rust Lich Boots.pngRust Lich Boots The Soroboreans14% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtection-30% Physical
25% Frost
2% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost-2% Movement3408.0
Rust Lich Helmet.pngRust Lich Helmet The Soroboreans14% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtection-30% Physical
25% Lightning
2% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost-2% Movement3405.0
Shadow Kazite Light Armor.pngShadow Kazite Light Armor The Soroboreans20% Physical
14% Impact.pngProtection12 Cold Weather10% Cooldown3006.0
Shadow Kazite Light Boots.pngShadow Kazite Light Boots The Soroboreans13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtection5% Cooldown3004.0
Shadow Kazite Light Helmet.pngShadow Kazite Light Helmet The Soroboreans13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtection15% Mana Cost5% Cooldown3003.0
Shadow Light Kazite Shirt.pngShadow Light Kazite Shirt The Soroboreans20% Physical
14% Impact.pngProtection12 HotWeather.png10% Cooldown3006.0
Virgin Armor.pngVirgin Armor The Soroboreans18% Physical
16% Impact.pngProtection-3% Movement30012.0
Virgin Boots.pngVirgin Boots The Soroboreans12% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtection2% Stamina Cost3008.0
Virgin Helmet.pngVirgin Helmet The Soroboreans12% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtection2% Stamina Cost-2% Movement3005.0
Wolf Mage Armor.pngWolf Mage Armor The Soroboreans9% Physical
20% Impact.pngProtection5% Ethereal
10 Cold Weather-10% Mana Cost2254.0
Wolf Mage Boots.pngWolf Mage Boots The Soroboreans4% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtectionCold Weather-10% Mana Cost2252.0
Wolf Mage Helmet.pngWolf Mage Helmet The Soroboreans4% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtection-10% Mana Cost10% Corruption2251.0
Wolf Medic Armor.pngWolf Medic Armor The Soroboreans20% Physical
14% Impact.pngProtection10 Cold Weather3% Stamina Cost-5% Mana Cost16% Corruption-3% Movement30012.0Recover +0.1 Health Health per second
Wolf Medic Boots.pngWolf Medic Boots The Soroboreans13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionCold Weather2% Stamina Cost-5% Mana Cost7% Corruption-2% Movement3008.0Recover +0.05 Health Health per second
Wolf Medic Helmet.pngWolf Medic Helmet The Soroboreans13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionCold Weather2% Stamina Cost-5% Mana Cost7% Corruption-2% Movement3005.0Recover +0.05 Health Health per second


IconNameCorruptionCapacityDurabilityWeightEffectsInventory Protection
Boozu Hide Backpack.pngBoozu Hide Backpack The Soroboreans10% Corruption752.0No dodge interference2
Virgin Lantern.pngVirgin Lantern The Soroboreans2001.0Passively regains Fuel over time when Enchanted


Alertness Potion.pngAlertness Potion The Soroboreans0.5Raises Alert level by 1
Restores 50 Stamina Stamina
Angel Food Cake.pngAngel Food Cake The Soroboreans12%16 Days, 16 Hours0.5Discipline
Stamina Recovery 3
Hot Weather Defense
Antique Eel.pngAntique Eel The Soroboreans11%4 Days0.5Mana Recovery 1
Removes Weaken
Bagatelle.pngBagatelle The Soroboreans10%11 Days, 22 Hours0.5Possessed
Stamina Recovery 5
Corruption Resistance 1
Boiled Crawlberry.pngBoiled Crawlberry The Soroboreans7.5%8 Days0.1Physical Attack Up
Stamina Recovery 2
+1% Corruption Corruption
Boiled Dreamer's Root.pngBoiled Dreamer's Root The Soroboreans0.6%9 Days, 22 Hours0.3Adds 15% Fatigue
Cures Cold (Disease)
Cold Weather Def Up
Health Recovery 1
Boiled Purpkin.pngBoiled Purpkin The Soroboreans12.5%9 Days, 22 Hours0.5Impact Up
Stamina Recovery 4
+1% Corruption Corruption
Boiled Veaber Egg.pngBoiled Veaber Egg The Soroboreans7.5%9 Days, 22 Hours0.2Stamina Recovery 2
Mana Ratio Recovery 1
Boozu's Meat.pngBoozu's Meat The Soroboreans17.5%4 Days0.5Health Recovery 2
Corruption Resistance 1
Indigestion (100% chance)
Boozu's Milk.pngBoozu's Milk The Soroboreans7%7.5%6 Days0.8Health Recovery 2
Corruption Resistance 1
Cheese Cake.pngCheese Cake The Soroboreans15%10 Days, 23 Hours0.5Health Recovery 3
Mana Ratio Recovery 3
Corruption Resistance 2
Cipate.pngCipate The Soroboreans22%21 Days, 22 Hours0.5Impact Resistance Up
Health Recovery 3
Cold Weather Def Up
Cooked Boozu's Meat.pngCooked Boozu's Meat The Soroboreans20%8 Days0.5Health Recovery 3
Corruption Resistance 1
Crawlberry.pngCrawlberry The Soroboreans7.5%6 Days 1 Hour0.1+2% Corruption Corruption
Stamina Recovery 2
Crawlberry Jam.pngCrawlberry Jam The Soroboreans15%29 Days, 18 Hours0.5Physical Attack Up
+5% Corruption Corruption
Stamina Recovery 3
Crawlberry Tartine.pngCrawlberry Tartine The Soroboreans12.5%19 Days, 20 Hours0.2Physical Attack Up
+2.5% Corruption Corruption
Stamina Recovery 3
Dreamer's Root.pngDreamer's Root The Soroboreans9 Days, 22 Hours0.2Adds 15% Fatigue
Mana Ratio Recovery 1
Energizing Potion.pngEnergizing Potion The Soroboreans0.5Restores 100% Fatigue
Fresh Cream.pngFresh Cream The Soroboreans7.5%6 Days0.1Health Recovery 2
Stamina Recovery 3
Corruption Resistance 1
Grilled Eel.pngGrilled Eel The Soroboreans12.5%6 Days0.5Mana Ratio Recovery 1
Removes Weaken
Grilled Manaheart Bass.pngGrilled Manaheart Bass The Soroboreans7.5%8 Days0.5Mana Ratio Recovery 3
Removes Sapped
Grilled Nightmare Mushroom.pngGrilled Nightmare Mushroom The Soroboreans7.5%5 Days0.2Add Alert level
Restores 60 Stamina Stamina
Horror's Potion.pngHorror's Potion The Soroboreans0.5Restores 100% Burnt Health, Mana and Stamina
Adds +10% Corruption Corruption
Health Recovery 5
Illuminating Potion.pngIlluminating Potion The Soroboreans0.5Extreme Mana Recovery
Adds +10% Corruption Corruption
Innocence Potion.pngInnocence Potion The Soroboreans0.5Corruption Resistance 1
Corruption Recovery 1
Invigorating Potion.pngInvigorating Potion The Soroboreans0.5Removes Weaken and Sapped
Restores 20 Stamina Burnt Stamina
Leyline Water.pngLeyline Water The Soroboreans30%0.0Mana Ratio Recovery 1
Cures Burning
Manaheart Bass.pngManaheart Bass The Soroboreans12.5%2 Days, 23 Hours0.5Mana Ratio Recovery 3
Nightmare Mushroom.pngNightmare Mushroom The Soroboreans5%9 Days, 22 Hours0.2Restores 50 Stamina Stamina
+2% Corruption Corruption
Pouding Chomeur.pngPouding Chomeur The Soroboreans24%14 Days, 21 Hours0.5Health Recovery 3
Cold Weather Def Up
Corruption Resistance 1
Purity Potion.pngPurity Potion The Soroboreans0.5-50% Corruption Corruption
Purpkin.pngPurpkin The Soroboreans12.5%8 Days1.0Stamina Recovery 3
+2% Corruption Corruption
Purpkin Pie.pngPurpkin Pie The Soroboreans22.5%10 Days, 23 Hours0.5Speed Up
+2% Corruption Corruption
Quartz Potion.pngQuartz Potion The Soroboreans0.5Corruption Resistance 2
Sanctifier Potion.pngSanctifier Potion The Soroboreans0.5-20% Corruption Corruption
Spiked Alertness Potion.pngSpiked Alertness Potion The Soroboreans0.5Raises Alert by 2
Restores 60 Stamina Stamina
Veaber's Egg.pngVeaber's Egg The Soroboreans6%7.5%5 Days0.2Health Recovery 1
Mana Ratio Recovery 1
Warm Boozu's Milk.pngWarm Boozu's Milk The Soroboreans7%5%8 Days0.6Health Recovery 2
Corruption Resistance 1


Admiral Incense.pngAdmiral Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Apollo Incense.pngApollo Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Arcane Dampener.pngArcane Dampener The Soroboreans0.2
Bandit Cage key.pngBandit Cage key The Soroboreans0.1
Boozu's Hide.pngBoozu's Hide The Soroboreans0.8
Cecropia Incense.pngCecropia Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Chrysalis Incense.pngChrysalis Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Comet Incense.pngComet Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Dark Stone.pngDark Stone The Soroboreans0.5
Elemental Particle – Decay.pngElemental Particle – Decay The Soroboreans0.5
Elemental Particle – Ether.pngElemental Particle – Ether The Soroboreans0.1
Elemental Particle – Fire.pngElemental Particle – Fire The Soroboreans0.5
Elemental Particle – Ice.pngElemental Particle – Ice The Soroboreans0.5
Elemental Particle – Light.pngElemental Particle – Light The Soroboreans0.5
Enchanted Mask.pngEnchanted Mask The Soroboreans0.2
Enchanting Pedestal.pngEnchanting Pedestal The Soroboreans0.5
Flour.pngFlour The Soroboreans0.5
Flowering Corruption.pngFlowering Corruption The Soroboreans0.2
Foundry Assembly Line Key.pngFoundry Assembly Line Key The Soroboreans0.1
Gemstone Key A.pngGemstone Key A The Soroboreans0.1
Gemstone Key B.pngGemstone Key B The Soroboreans0.1
Gemstone Key C.pngGemstone Key C The Soroboreans0.1
Gemstone Key D.pngGemstone Key D The Soroboreans0.1
Iron Wristband.pngIron Wristband The Soroboreans0.2
Liquid Corruption.pngLiquid Corruption The Soroboreans0.1
Loading Docks Elevator Key.pngLoading Docks Elevator Key The Soroboreans0.1
Loading Docks Key.pngLoading Docks Key The Soroboreans0.1
Lower Foundry Key.pngLower Foundry Key The Soroboreans0.1
Lower Laboratory Key.pngLower Laboratory Key The Soroboreans0.1
Lower Living Quarters Key.pngLower Living Quarters Key The Soroboreans0.1
Lower Test Chamber Key.pngLower Test Chamber Key The Soroboreans0.1
Luna Incense.pngLuna Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Mana Transfer Elevator Key.pngMana Transfer Elevator Key The Soroboreans0.1
Metalized Bones.pngMetalized Bones The Soroboreans0.2
Misplaced Lab Lever.pngMisplaced Lab Lever The Soroboreans0.1
Monarch Incense.pngMonarch Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Morpho Incense.pngMorpho Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Old Harmattan North Key.pngOld Harmattan North Key The Soroboreans0.1
Old Harmattan South Key.pngOld Harmattan South Key The Soroboreans0.1
Pale Beauty Incense.pngPale Beauty Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Palladium Wristband.pngPalladium Wristband The Soroboreans0.2
Pure Chitin.pngPure Chitin The Soroboreans0.4
Purifying Quartz.pngPurifying Quartz The Soroboreans0.1
Scourge Cocoon.pngScourge Cocoon The Soroboreans2.0Raises Corruption Corruption while sleeping
Reduces the rate at which max Mana Mana is burnt while sleeping
-5% Stamina Stamina cost of actions
Shield Golem Scraps.pngShield Golem Scraps The Soroboreans0.5
Stingleaf.pngStingleaf The Soroboreans0.1
Sugar.pngSugar The Soroboreans0.1
Sylphina Incense.pngSylphina Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Tourmaline.pngTourmaline The Soroboreans0.2
Train Key A.pngTrain Key A The Soroboreans0.1
Train Key B.pngTrain Key B The Soroboreans0.1
Troglodyte Cage Key.pngTroglodyte Cage Key The Soroboreans0.1
Warehouse Key.pngWarehouse Key The Soroboreans0.1
Wheat.pngWheat The Soroboreans0.5