Unknown Arena/Ziggurat Passage

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Unknown Arena (Ziggurat Passage)
UnknownArena ZigguratPassage Interior.png
Location Details
Boss Arena
Hallowed Marsh
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The Unknown Arena at Ziggurat Passage contains the powerful Elite Alpha Tuanosaur boss.


Entrance to the Unknown Arena.

The entrance to the Unknown Arena can be found at Ziggurat Passage.

Make your way to the center of the Passage near the Tuanosaur, in the bricked area. In the middle of this area there are two openings on the sides, one south and one north. Take the north opening and pull the lever a short distance ahead on your right. Turn around and now take the south opening, up the stairs. Enter the room with two Burning Man and the entrance is the cabinet on your left.


10 Obsidian shards are needed to complete the experiment...

Entrance to this Arena requires a one-time sacrifice of 10x Obsidian Shard.



Players should take note of their temperature in the Arena, as the Arena is extremely hot - the equivalent to Hot "Very Hot" (+40).


When you open the Ornate Chest you will receive 2 Relics. There is an equal chance of receiving each Relic. You cannot receive the same Relic twice from one opening.


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