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Pre-Purchase Information

What platforms are supported?

  • PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

What's the retail price for Outward?

  • $39.99

Where could I reach out to Nine Dots Studio to inquire more about Outward?

Where can I find out more information about Outward?

  • Please visit the Steam page to find out more information about Outward

General Game FAQ

How many hours should I expect to spend on Outward?

  • To fully appreciate and enjoy the RPG setting of Outward, it would take a regular person about 40-80 hours to complete at a comfortable pace.

Can I complete Outward in a single playthrough?

  • No, you would have to create multiple characters to complete the full story. Once you join a faction, you cannot join another faction with the same character. You must create a new character to join a different faction.

Does Outward have replayability value?

  • Yes, Outward containing huge content dedicated to replaying was designed to have replayability value.

Is there a limit to how many characters I can create?

  • There is a limit to cloud saving of 10 characters per user. Other than that, there is not a limit (logically-wise) on the number of characters created.

Does Outward have mod support?

  • There is not official support for modifications. However, Modding of the game is condoned.

Is there cross-platform?

  • Unfortunately, there is not.

Is Outward first-person or third-person?

  • Outward is a third-person game.

Coop FAQ

How many players can play together?

  • There is a maximum of two players, there is not a plan to extend the limit in the future for design reasons.

Do I need an internet connection to play offline?

  • No, an internet connection is only required for online co-op.

Is there drop-in and drop-out co-op?

  • Yes.

When playing in co-op, are both players forced to stay close?

  • You may roam within the same area, there are no limits to the distance between players.

Is there multi-monitor support?

  • No.

Is there multiplayer matchmaking?

Do the enemies become more difficult with two players?

  • Yes, additional enemies are sometimes added as well.

Will my friend and I sleep in the same tent or separate tents?

  • Separate tents. One person may sleep in one tent at a time.

If I'm defeated, what happens to my friend?

  • You will enter a downed state and your friend will be able to help you recover. However, if the other player is also defeated you both will enter an identical defeat scenario.

Will I be able to see my position or my friend on the map?

  • You may not perceive the location of another player via the in-game map, you may find their position on the compass.

Can I share the contents of my backpack with my friend?

  • Yes, you may share items with other players.

In-Game FAQ

General Gameplay

Where is Outward's setting?

  • Outward is set on the world of Aurai.

Is there a tutorial?

  • Yes, there is a basic tutorial that teaches you the ropes of the game. However, Outward will teach you different things through player experience.

Does Outward have a story/lore?

  • Yes, Outward has lore and stories to tell incorporated within replayability.

Am I forced to do the main quest?

  • No, you may start the main quest whenever you desire. It is recommended to start the main quest early on in the game to receive content split between playthroughs.

What is the in-game currency?

  • Outward's currency depends on Silver coins and gold bars (core bartering item of Outward).

Can we jump or swim?

  • You may not jump or swim.

Is there an equipment screen?

  • Yes. The equipment screen shows core statistics of your character and many more viable informations.

Is there friendship and romance?

  • Outward features depiction of friendship, but no romance.

Factions and NPCs

How many playable factions are there?

Are there wandering factions?

  • No, there is not.

Can all NPCs be killed?

  • No. A wide number of NPCs in Outward may not be killed.

Character Creation

What is character creation?

  • Character creation is the first mechanic introduced to the player. You will be able to select your character's race, gender, face, hair style and hair color.

Are there any non-human playable races?

  • There is one other race that you can play which is not human, the race being the Troglodyte via a simple and specific procedure. See the Playable Troglodyte page for more information on this topic.

Do I get to choose my class at the beginning of character creation?

  • No, you have to build your own class throughout the game.

Class Information

What types of attack options do I have?

  • Your offensive options include magic, physical and statistic attacks.

Will my character be viable without magic?

  • Yes, you may play enjoy the majority of the game without magic.

Where can I obtain the ability to use magic?

  • At the cost of maximum life and stamina, you may unlock magic (and increase your mana capacity) at a Ley Line with the ratio of 4:1 (mana to physical).

Do spells have use outside of combat?

  • Yes, certain spells can prove useful outside of combat (ex; Spark).

Can I enchant my arrows?

Combat Information

If I'm defeated, will I die?

  • No, Outward does not have depictions of the players' death (with the exception of Hardcore characters) and players will enter a defeat scenario upon defeat.

Can I enchant my equipment?

  • Yes, with the The Soroboreans DLC you may apply enchants to your equipment. Temporary buffs like Imbues can be applied through skills and items.

Are ranged attacks free aim or targeted?

  • You may utilize ranged attacks at your own likings, that includes free aiming and targeted aiming.

Are there mounts or pets?

  • There are no mounts in Outward. However, cosmetic pets exist in Outward.

Will there be plenty of backpacks, equipment, lanterns, tents, and weapons that I can choose from?

  • Yes, you may choose between various options of equipment for your character to compose a desired character.

Gathering and Crafting

What types of gathering can I perform?

  • You may cook, fish, harvest, hunt and mine in Outward.

Can I craft armors and weapons?

  • Yes, you have a wide option of equipment that you may fabricate with the correct ingredients. Recipe scrolls are not required to craft items.

Can I dye my equipment?

  • No, you may not dye your equipment.


How can I rest/camp outside the city walls?

  • You start with a bedroll in your house, you may use it to rest outside of combat.

How does the resting system work?

  • When utilizing your tent, how many hours you sleep determines how much you restore your fatigue, maximum health and maximum stamina but lowers your maximum mana. You also choose how many hours to guard to reduce your chances of being ambushed, or time spent repairing your equipped items' durability. (see more: Resting)

Will enemies damage my campsite?

  • Enemies do not interfere with your camping equipment. However, enemies can ambush you in your campsite.