The Three Brothers

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The Three Brothers
DLC Details
Nine Dots Studio
Deep Silver
Guillaume Boucher-Vidal
Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
December 15th 2020 (PC)
May 18th 2021 (Consoles)
Single-player, Co-operative

The Three Brothers The Three Brothers is the title of Outward's second DLC, released on December 15th 2020 for PC and May 18th 2021 for Consoles. The DLC is set in the region of Caldera.

Players with the Definitive Edition do not need to purchase this DLC separately.


The major content in the DLC includes:

Developer Teasers

There is more than destruction on the path of an adventurer, the time for rebuilding has come!

You will play an important role in the timeline of Aurai: Join the rebuilding efforts of old Sirocco refugee camp by providing the pitiable folks there a new place to call home, a new Sirocco.

New weapons, skills and numerous other gadgets will help you on your uncertain journey into the unknown.

The gates are opening, and the path leads to “Caldera”, a new region in the world of Outward which is waiting for you with new adventures, dangers and secrets to explore!

City Building Mechanic: Rebuilding Sirocco:

  • Create your own landmark in Aurai by helping the population to survive in this ruthless world! With the new City Building mechanic, you are part of rebuilding the Refugee Camp into New Sirocco.

New Area: Caldera:

  • Aurai is expanding and Caldera is more than just a new landscape. New dungeons, quests and locations make it a treasure trove for every adventurer!

Skill Tree: The Primal Ritualist:

  • Prepare the battlefield with your mighty totems and give yourself an advantage before the scrimmage has even started!

Grenade, Elemental Arrows & Awakened Weapons:

  • Enhance your combat repertoire with Grenades and Elemental Arrows. There are numerous new possibilities to be creative in your long-range fighting!

Awakened weapons are not easy to get – But the effort will pay off! Their unique attributes will give you the necessary advantage in dangerous situations!

Filled with new adventures, skills, weapons, recipes and pets, “The Three Brothers”-DLC offers you an entirely new journey in the unique world of Aurai!

~ Nine Dots Studio[1]

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