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Disambig.svg This article is about the minor faction. For the city, see New Sirocco.
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New Sirocco
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New Sirocco
The Three Brothers

Sirocco refers to the minor faction formed by the people of Caldera, which was once stationed in Old Sirocco. Due to a natural disaster caused by the region's many volcanoes, most of Old Sirocco was destroyed. In The Three Brothers DLC, with the aid of the player, New Sirocco becomes the home of the survivors.



The Sirocco quest line can only be started after a player has finished any of the other major Faction quest lines.

Exclusive Rewards

The following unique items can only be obtained through the Sirocco quest line:


In the base game, the following information is provided about Sirocco:

The tribes of Caldera want to migrate most of their population to the Hallowed Marsh. Volcanic eruptions have put their primary settlement, Sirocco, in grave danger. They're demanding we give up half our land so they can settle here.

Obviously, we would like to come to a fair arrangement, but Sirroco are being highly aggressive in their demands, and Damian Lockwell is rejecting the discussion completely. Things might get very heated.
~ Ellinara
Come to think of it, the delegation from Sirocco is running late. They were the ones who were desperate to come to an agreement about settling in the Hallowed Marsh, so I'm shocked they've not arrived.
~ Balthazar Berthelot


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