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The following are lists of miscellaneous Items.


Explosive Arrow.pngExplosive Arrow The Three Brothers0.2AoE Blast deals +30 Fire Fire and +50 Impact.png Impact
Flaming Arrow.pngFlaming Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+5 Fire Fire damage
Inflicts Burning
Forged Arrow.pngForged Arrow The Three Brothers0.2+15 Physical Physical damage
Holy Rage Arrow.pngHoly Rage Arrow The Three Brothers0.2+5 Lightning Lightning damage
Inflicts Holy Blaze
Mana Arrow.pngMana Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+5 Ethereal Ethereal damage
Inflicts Haunted
Palladium Arrow.pngPalladium Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+10 Lightning Lightning damage
Inflicts Doomed
Poison Arrow.pngPoison Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+5 Decay Decay damage
Inflicts Poisoned
Soul Rupture Arrow.pngSoul Rupture Arrow The Three Brothers0.2+10 Ethereal Ethereal damage
Inflicts Aetherbomb
Venom Arrow.pngVenom Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+10 Decay Decay damage
Inflicts Extreme Poison


Conqueror's Medal.pngConqueror's Medal0.1
Gold Ingot.pngGold Ingot0.1


Giant Iron Key.pngBandit Camp Key0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngDead Roots Key0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngEnmerkar Tomb Key0.1
Krypteia Tomb Key.pngKrypteia Tomb Key0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngMontcalm Key0.1
Myrmitaur Haven Gate Key.pngMyrmitaur Haven Gate Key The Three Brothers0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngOld Levant's Key0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngPalace Passage Key0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngRefinery Key: Depths The Three Brothers0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngRefinery Key: Upper The Three Brothers0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngVendavel Key0.1
Vendavel Prison Key.pngVendavel Prison Key0.1
Vigil Lock Key.pngVigil Lock Key0.1
Bandit Cage key.pngBandit Cage key The Soroboreans0.1
Foundry Assembly Line Key.pngFoundry Assembly Line Key The Soroboreans0.1
Gemstone Key A.pngGemstone Key A The Soroboreans0.1
Gemstone Key B.pngGemstone Key B The Soroboreans0.1
Gemstone Key C.pngGemstone Key C The Soroboreans0.1
Gemstone Key D.pngGemstone Key D The Soroboreans0.1
Loading Docks Elevator Key.pngLoading Docks Elevator Key The Soroboreans0.1
Loading Docks Key.pngLoading Docks Key The Soroboreans0.1
Lower Foundry Key.pngLower Foundry Key The Soroboreans0.1
Lower Laboratory Key.pngLower Laboratory Key The Soroboreans0.1
Lower Living Quarters Key.pngLower Living Quarters Key The Soroboreans0.1
Lower Test Chamber Key.pngLower Test Chamber Key The Soroboreans0.1
Mana Transfer Elevator Key.pngMana Transfer Elevator Key The Soroboreans0.1
Old Harmattan North Key.pngOld Harmattan North Key The Soroboreans0.1
Old Harmattan South Key.pngOld Harmattan South Key The Soroboreans0.1
Train Key A.pngTrain Key A The Soroboreans0.1
Train Key B.pngTrain Key B The Soroboreans0.1
Troglodyte Cage Key.pngTroglodyte Cage Key The Soroboreans0.1
Warehouse Key.pngWarehouse Key The Soroboreans0.1


Admiral Incense.pngAdmiral Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Apollo Incense.pngApollo Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Cecropia Incense.pngCecropia Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Chrysalis Incense.pngChrysalis Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Comet Incense.pngComet Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Luna Incense.pngLuna Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Monarch Incense.pngMonarch Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Morpho Incense.pngMorpho Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Pale Beauty Incense.pngPale Beauty Incense The Soroboreans0.2
Sylphina Incense.pngSylphina Incense The Soroboreans0.2


Ghost Drum.pngGhost Drum6.0Magical instrument used to deal Ethereal Ethereal effects.
Sky Chimes.pngSky Chimes6.0Magical instrument used to deal Lightning Lightning effects.


Butcher's Amethyst.pngButcher's Amethyst0.1
Giant-Heart Garnet.pngGiant-Heart Garnet0.1
Large Emerald.pngLarge Emerald0.1
Medium Ruby.pngMedium Ruby0.1
Small Sapphire.pngSmall Sapphire0.1
Tiny Aquamarine.pngTiny Aquamarine0.1
Tsar Stone.pngTsar Stone0.1


Flint and Steel.pngFlint and Steel0.5

Trap Components

Charge – Incendiary.pngCharge – Incendiary0.2
Charge – Nerve Gas.pngCharge – Nerve Gas0.2
Charge – Toxic.pngCharge – Toxic0.2
Spikes – Iron.pngSpikes – Iron0.2
Spikes – Palladium.pngSpikes – Palladium0.2
Spikes – Wood.pngSpikes – Wood0.1


Black Pearlbird Egg.pngBlack Pearlbird Egg The Three Brothers1.0
Blue skull effigy.pngBlue skull effigy0.4
Gep's Note.pngGep's Note0.0
Jade-Lich Idol.pngJade-Lich Idol0.1
Manticore Egg.pngManticore Egg The Three Brothers1.0
Molepig Specimen.pngMolepig Specimen The Three Brothers6.0
Ore Sample.pngOre Sample The Three Brothers6.0
Plant Sample.pngPlant Sample The Three Brothers6.0
Scarlet lichs idol.pngScarlet Lich's Idol0.1
TribalFavor.pngWrit of Tribal Favor0.1