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Unique Items are a type of item in Outward which can only be found once per play-through.

They are usually dropped by unique enemies, rewarded through quests, or acquired from completing puzzles. A few can also be found as basic item spawns in dungeons.


IconNameDamageImpact.pngReachStaminaSpeedDamage Bonus%Mana CostDurabilityWeightEffectsClass
Brand.pngBrand20 Physical
20 Frost
27 Impact.png1.1300044.9 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4254.0Chill
1H Sword
Compasswood Staff.pngCompasswood Staff12 Physical
12 Fire
41 Impact.png2.2540026.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed20% Fire
-20% Mana Cost2255.0Staff
Dreamer Halberd.pngDreamer Halberd22.5 Physical
22.5 Ethereal
48 Impact.png2.476894Stamina1.1 Attack Speed5256.0Halberd
Duty.pngDuty The Three Brothers40 Physical
44 Impact.png2.086002Stamina1.0 Attack Speed7778.0Burning
Holy Blaze
-10% Stamina recovery rate
Gep's Blade.pngGep's Blade The Three Brothers22 Physical
25 Impact.png1.0354.9 Stamina1.2 Attack Speed3004.0AoE Ethereal Ethereal blast with 22 damage on hit
-30% Ethereal Ethereal resistance
1H Sword
Gep's Longblade.pngGep's Longblade The Three Brothers25 Physical
34 Impact.png1.6637.7 Stamina1.2 Attack Speed3006.0AoE Ethereal Ethereal blast with 25 damage on hit
-30% Ethereal Ethereal resistance
2H Sword
Ghost Parallel.pngGhost Parallel The Three Brothers26 Physical
26 Ethereal
34 Impact.png1.6130037.7 Stamina1.2 Attack Speed4007.0Aetherbomb
-15% Physical Physical resistance
2H Mace
Grind.pngGrind The Three Brothers55 Physical
50 Impact.png1.5090037.7 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed15% Ethereal
15% Lightning
3505.0Reduces player's Decay resistance by -15%2H Axe
Merton's Firepoker.pngMerton's Firepoker14.5 Physical
14.5 Fire
25 Impact.png1.1154.4 Stamina1.2 Attack Speed2502.0Burning1H Mace
Murmure.pngMurmure The Three Brothers55 Physical
16 Impact.png3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3003.0-15% Stamina Stamina costs
-15% Physical resistance on Player
Pillar Greathammer.pngPillar Greathammer42.7 Physical
18.3 Lightning
75 Impact.png1.9175037.7 Stamina0.8 Attack Speed47512.02H Mace
Porcelain Fists.pngPorcelain Fists The Soroboreans36 Physical
20 Impact.png0.6932.8 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed5003.0Sapped
2H Gauntlet
Rotwood Staff.pngRotwood Staff15.5 Physical
15.5 Frost
48 Impact.png2.218002Stamina1.0 Attack Speed20% Frost
-25% Mana Cost2255.0Staff
Sandrose.pngSandrose The Three Brothers52 Physical
35 Impact.png0.8585.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed6006.0Blaze
-30% Frost Frost resistance
1H Axe
Scepter of the Cruel Priest.pngScepter of the Cruel Priest The Three Brothers55 Decay
28 Impact.png0.9795.6 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed13% Decay
2255.01H Mace
Shriek.pngShriek The Three Brothers35 Physical
35 Decay
33 Impact.png2.4992025.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed6665.0Plague
Skycrown Mace.pngSkycrown Mace23.5 Physical
23.5 Frost
50 Impact.png0.8384.6 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed5505.01H Mace
Starchild Claymore.pngStarchild Claymore25.5 Physical
25.5 Lightning
52 Impact.png1.8783816.7 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed5006.02H Sword
Sunfall Axe.pngSunfall Axe21 Physical
21 Fire
28 Impact.png0.8834.6 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed4754.0Burning1H Axe
Thrice-Wrought Halberd.pngThrice-Wrought Halberd18 Frost
18 Fire
43 Impact.png2.0871Stamina1.1 Attack Speed4257.0Halberd
Tokebakicit.pngTokebakicit The Three Brothers25 Physical
25 Frost
20 Impact.png0.6932.8 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2504.0Slow Down
2H Gauntlet
Tsar Fists.pngTsar Fists The Soroboreans54 Physical
26 Impact.png0.6933.08 Stamina0.8 Attack Speed5.02H Gauntlet
Werlig Spear.pngWerlig Spear24 Physical
24 Lightning
30 Impact.png2.4840025.6 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed4505.0Spear
Worldedge Greataxe.pngWorldedge Greataxe24.5 Physical
24.5 Decay
48 Impact.png1.6690726.7 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed5256.02H Axe


IconNameDamageImpact.pngImpact.png ResistReachSpeedDurabilityWeightEffectsClass
Angler Shield.pngAngler Shield The Three Brothers55 Physical
55 Impact.png19% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2758.0SappedShield
Distorted Experiment.pngDistorted Experiment The Three Brothers7.2 Ethereal
7.2 Decay
7.2 Lightning
7.2 Frost
7.2 Fire
45 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3000.1-10% Status Resistance Status ResistanceChakram
Fabulous Palladium Shield.pngFabulous Palladium Shield32 Physical
51 Impact.png17% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3007.0Elemental VulnerabilityShield
Gilded Shiver of Tramontane.pngGilded Shiver of Tramontane The Three Brothers37 Frost
40 Impact.png0.59281541.0 Attack Speed2001.0Slow Down
-15% Fire Fire resistance
Red Lady's Dagger.pngRed Lady's Dagger20 Physical
20 Fire
49 Impact.png0.6160511.0 Attack Speed3001.0Dagger
Zhorn's Demon Shield.pngZhorn's Demon Shield48 Physical
60 Impact.png20% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Shield
Zhorn's Glowstone Dagger.pngZhorn's Glowstone Dagger20.1 Physical
9.9 Lightning
38 Impact.png0.66432881.0 Attack Speed2002.0Glowing (Light Source)Dagger
IconNameDamage Bonus%Mana CostDurabilityWeightClass
Light Mender's Lexicon.pngLight Mender's Lexicon5% Ethereal
5% Lightning
-5% Mana Cost0.5Lexicon


IconNameResistancesImpact.pngStatus ResistanceDamage Bonus%Mana CostDurabilityWeightClass
Gold-lichSet.PNGGold-Lich Set14% Physical
30% Lightning
30% Fire
10% Impact.png-25% Mana Cost5103.0Set
Jade-Lich set.jpgJade-Lich Set22% Physical
50% Decay
-30% Lightning
15% Impact.png25% Decay
10% Fire
-40% Mana Cost6857.0Set
Mertons Set.pngMerton's Bones00.0Set
Scarlet Set.pngScarlet Set The Three Brothers14% Physical
9% Impact.png-25% Status Resistance15% Ethereal
15% Decay
15% Frost
30% Fire
-20% Mana Cost5805.0Set
IconNameResistancesImpact.pngDamage Bonus%Cold WeatherDurabilityWeightClass
Pearlescent Mail.pngPearlescent Mail25% Physical
16% Impact.png15% Physical
Cold Weather44010.0Body Armor


IconNameProtectionStamina CostCapacityDurabilityWeightPreservationInventory ProtectionClass
Brass-Wolf Backpack.pngBrass-Wolf BackpackProtection754.015Backpack
Mefino's Trade Backpack.pngMefino's Trade Backpack1105.0Backpack
Zhorn's Hunting Backpack.pngZhorn's Hunting Backpack-10% Stamina Cost854.050%2Backpack

Quest Rewards


IconNameDamageImpact.pngImpact.png ResistReachStaminaSpeedDamage Bonus%Mana CostDurabilityWeightEffectsClass
Cracked Red Moon.pngCracked Red Moon The Three Brothers25 Physical
40 Impact.png2.0730026.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed15% Fire
Crimson Shield.pngCrimson Shield39 Physical
58 Impact.png19% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2607.0Shield
Mysterious Chakram.pngMysterious Chakram16 Physical
16 Fire
35 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2501.0Chakram
Ornate Bone Shield.pngOrnate Bone Shield19.2 Physical
12.8 Ethereal
51 Impact.png17% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2206.0HauntedShield
Radiant Wolf Sword.pngRadiant Wolf Sword34 Lightning
25 Impact.png1.2634.725 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2.01H Sword
Revenant Moon.pngRevenant Moon The Three Brothers30 Physical
40 Impact.png2.363002Stamina1.0 Attack Speed35% Fire
20% Mana Cost3005.0BlazeStaff
Royal Great-Kopesh.pngRoyal Great-Khopesh42 Physical
43 Impact.png1.8296925.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3508.0Pain2H Sword
The Will O Wisp.pngThe Will O Wisp34 Physical
25 Impact.png16% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed7% Lightning
Tsar Bow.pngTsar Bow The Soroboreans50 Physical
30 Impact.png3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed7.0Bow
Tsar Chakram.pngTsar Chakram The Soroboreans60 Physical
48 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1.0Chakram
Zagis' Saw.pngZagis' Saw40 Physical
48 Impact.png1.55496.6 Stamina0.8 Attack Speed40011.0Pain2H Sword


IconNameDamage Bonus%CapacityDurabilityWeightEffectsPreservationInventory ProtectionClass
Djinn's Lamp.pngDjinn's Lamp The Three Brothers2001.0+15 Status Resistance Status ResistanceLantern
Glowstone Backpack.pngGlowstone Backpack752.0Acts as a light sourceBackpack
Light Mender's Backpack.pngLight Mender's Backpack10% Lightning
752.0Acts as a faint light source25%2Backpack
Preservation Backpack.pngPreservation Backpack753.075%2Backpack


IconNameResistancesImpact.pngProtectionDamage Bonus%HotWeather.pngCold WeatherStamina CostMana CostCorruptionCooldownMovementDurabilityWeightClass
Candle Plate Set.pngCandle Plate Set68% Physical
60% Lightning
60% Fire
49% Impact.pngProtection-12 HotWeather.png12 Cold Weather14% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost20% Corruption-14% Movement159038.0Set
CrimsonPlateSet.pngCrimson Plate Set59% Physical
90% Frost
49% Impact.pngProtection43% Frost
-15 HotWeather.png28 Cold Weather14% Stamina Cost20% Mana Cost-14% Movement159044.0Set
Rust Lich Set.pngRust Lich Set The Soroboreans36% Physical
26% Impact.pngProtection-60% Physical
25% Decay
25% Frost
25% Fire
5% Stamina Cost-30% Mana Cost-5% Movement68020.0Set
Zagis set.pngZagis' Set60% Physical
43% Impact.pngProtection31% Physical
32 HotWeather.png22% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-10% Cooldown-21% Movement168048.0Set


Peacemaker Elixir.pngPeacemaker Elixir0.5Peacemaker Elixir (skill)
Scarlet Gem.pngScarlet Gem The Three Brothers2.0

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